Monday, May 30, 2011

Photofunia - 2011 Fun Photo Book!

It has been 2 years since I last made my fun photos with Photofunia.

Here's the previous posts talking about Photofunia:

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Photofunia - made me a star!

Adding special effect to your own photos is so much fun! Check out the fun photos below: 

Very funny, isn't it? Can't imagine I can turn to be a Samba girl. But my face is too fair to fit with the body, lol...quite awful!

Another new effect on Photofunia - the surfer! Yoooooo... here I come! But too bad that the head is so small!

Flares effect makes the photos look pretty.

This looks like a drawing, isn't it? Can you see my face over there? I was kissed by this man!

Qiang.. qiang...qiang...qiang...qiang...! I'm the Chinese opera now, but my head + face don't look natural.

Let me change another photo!

This looks much better, isn't it? Quite pretty :) lol...

Warhol cows are coming!

Oh, somebody is reading and my photos are inside the magazine, so impossible!

Different photos again!

Last one !

Oh my god.. I have become the bride! Again, my face is too fair compared to the body.. not match. Hmmm... who wants this bride?

I'm on NYC billboards.. the most impossible things in my life! This effect can put up to 3 photos, amazing! The whole picture is so colorful, very nice!

My cute picture is at Notting Hill. You saw the station is under my name? Wow.. I have a big dream!

Let's go back to New York!

This effect is not that stunning.

I like this effect, very natural :) Love the tulips there!

How would you feel if you see my photo in your bathroom? That sounds crazy!

Here's the photo with gif effect.. but don't know why the effect doesn't come out! Oh, apparently you need to click on this picture then only you can see the effect.

That's all for this post. Which photo that you like the most? I shall try out the other new effects when Photofunia has new ones.

Hope you enjoy reading this post :)

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