Monday, April 13, 2009

I managed to remove the pop up clicksor ads!!

I know many of you, including myself, felt irritating to see all the pop up clicksor ads in my blog!! =(

But from today onwards, this problem has been solved! **Happily smile**

So, how to remove the pop up clicksor ads?

I had been searching all the tips to solve this problem today. From my reading, actually there is a website called which is open for both advertiser and publishers. It mentions will drive readers to advertiser's web site with text ads, graphical banners, interstitial ads and pop-under ads. Advertisers can also choose any cost metrics from pay per click, pay per view and pay per visit. {anyway, most of the bloggers said it's not worth to register under this site...not good}

This seems weird as I didn't register under this site, which means I shouldn't have these pop up ads in my blog... So, I browsed the internet again....Finally I found something which is more related to my case!

I happened to read one article which mentioned about this pop up ads. Now only I realised that Rank will also bring in these pop up clicksor ads. Few months back, I had grabbed 2 widgets from and placed them in my blog. I didn't know I bring in the trouble... :(

After reading that article, I removed the Rank Widgets from my blog immediately! After testing for a few times, I can now shout to everyone... there's no pop up clicksor ads anymore! Hooray...!!

You can now enjoy your reading from JC in da house *peacefully* ~ Cheers!


Rantong said...

Sertai rancangan terbaru berjudul: "Who Wants To Be A MillionaireBlogger.Net" 24 jam sehari, 7 hari seminggu, hanya di kaca screen komputer anda...

shadowmoon said...

I never had problems with pop ups on your blog :P
Actually I didn't know it had pop ups.
I'm using firefox with adblock plus but still the browser never warned me of blocked pop ups.

Oh well, at least you solved the problem and no more pop ups will be bothering! :)

Anonymous said...

You still have popups

no|name said...

hi jc =)

jg said...

you still have pop-ups, just that my firefox window prevents pop-ups. you can actually remove them from html code, pop-ups code start with c:

KwOnG FeI said...

those days i think i installed the alexa as well..
when i see pop up, i straight away remove it..
firefox will auto block.. but IE seem not..

Anonymous said...

u stil have popup

nalin said...

My clicksor allows pupup when activated, So I removed all clicksor adds, Now any one can tell me how to block pop up from your Add code, Specially for Clicksor. I don't find any option in clicksor to block my pop up adds.


I block it some how before in my tumblr blog. Yesterday tumblr reset every blogs. Now my pop up from clicksor started to appeat again.

I will find away again just stay updated on my photo blog.

unsecure said...

try, they pay every net15 on date 1st and 15th with a $5 minimum payout

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